Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh those were just emails and customer names!

Reuters and others have reported today that the Epsilon data breach has resulted in loss of data for over 40 billion customers. Marriott, BestBuy, Target, Home Shopping Network and many other Epsilon clients lost people's emails and contact information. Its not like they lost your social security number or your credit card number. In a Yahoo news story, "Security experts said the massive data breach should only put customers at risk if they respond to camouflaged emails seeking their credit card and other financial information." No one really clicks on scam spams. The underground web economy is flourishing from selling chicken pot pies.

SERIOUSLY!!!! When are these self proclaimed security people going to get it? "Just do blah and you'll be fine" isn't going to cut it for the average consumer! Its like the car companies saying, "you don't need seat belts. Just be safe on the road." Oh wait! didn't Epsilon have security experts!

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